Leila Gharani Net Worth 2023 – Wiki, Age, Family Bio, Income and Earnings

Leila Gharani Net Worth 2023 – Wiki, Age, Family Bio, Income and Earnings– The popularity of the YouTube channel Leila Gharani, which is run by AT, has been skyrocketing as of late.

The well-known content producer is well recognised for his work as an Excel YouTuber, a Microsoft teacher, and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Estimates for 2023 place Leila Gharani net worth at in the neighbourhood of $900,000. Find out more about the woman who has put a lot of effort into her professional life and has received a lot of attention for it.

Leila Gharani Net Worth 2023 – Wiki, Age, Family Bio, Income and Earnings
Leila Gharani Net Worth 2023 – Wiki, Age, Family Bio, Income and Earnings

Leila Gharani Earnings, Income and Salary

Earnings as estimates of YouTube advertising income, which are based on the channel’s popularity, imply that the monthly earnings of Leila Gharani are around $20,000 dollars. Having stated that, the annual earnings of Leila Gharani are around $240,000.

After taking into account YouTube’s share, creators may expect to get anything from $2 to $7 every 1000 views that are monetized.

However, not all of the money she makes comes from her profession on YouTube. The majority of her income comes from her profession as a Microsoft trainer and Most Valuable Professional. In addition, Leila Gharani’s YouTube teaching gigs bring in between $10,000 and $35,000 every single month in revenue for her business.

The YouTuber couple also makes additional money from viewers who subscribe to YouTube Red and pay a monthly subscription in order to see premium material on YouTube without being shown advertisements. Their net worth is increasing as a result of the additional cash they are receiving from brand partnerships and other social media platforms.

Leila Gharani Husband

The most recent information about Leila Gharani’s spouse reveal that the actress just tied the knot with her longtime partner, Christian. In addition to this, they have a family.

Leila Gharani Recent family news mentions the fact that they have been married for ten years now. In addition, the son, who is 14 years old, and the daughter, who is 9 years old, are both a member of the joyful family. The Chief Financial Officer position was formerly held by her husband, who eventually resigned from his position.

Leila Gharani Youtube

Channel name – Leila Gharani

Joined on – 11 Aug 2015

Number of subscriber – 1.49M

Leila Gharani Biography – Early Life and Career

In Tehran, Iran, where she was born and raised, Leila Gharani received her elementary education. In addition to that, she completed middle school and high school in Austria at an international school. The pursuit of higher education led her parents to uproot and go to Canada.

Volunteering was something that Leila Gharani enjoyed doing in her spare time while she wasn’t pursuing her job as an online educator. The highly compensated Excel Instructor has a significant interest in starting their own businesses and reading books that are focused on business. Leila Gharani had excellent command of both German and English throughout her life.

Her professional life began in 1999 when she began working at the University of Toronto as a Teaching assistant in the Intermediate Macroeconomics course. On the other hand, she quit her previous position in May of 2000 to take a position as an economist at CSLS.

Leila Gharani Net Worth 2023 – Wiki, Age, Family Bio, Income and Earnings
Leila Gharani Net Worth 2023 – Wiki, Age, Family Bio, Income and Earnings

According to information that was updated in May 2001, Leila Gharani seems to have moved from Ottawa, Canada, to Vienna, Austria, in order to take a position at Frantschach as a Cost Reduction Consultant. Due to her enormous popularity, she is now included in the list of top YouTubers in terms of their net worth.

In the most recent updates from June 2008, it was mentioned that Leila Gharani, the highest paid business consultant, has joined the Steering Committee of the Vienna Baby Club, a nonprofit that assists children who are in precarious situations. In many interviews, Leila Gharani has expressed her excitement over the possibility of establishing a relationship with the heroine “Wonder Woman.”

Leila Gharani found the lectures on statistics and econometrics to be very interesting when she was a student at the University of Toronto. On the other hand, she had absolutely no interest in writing papers.

According to the updates for the years 2008-2010, Leila Gharani had a position as an independent consultant before to accepting a position as a project manager at Mondi Europe and International. After working for the Mondi Europe group for four years, Leila Gharani decided to leave the company in January 2015 in order to launch the Excel resource website XelPlus.

Leila Gharani worked at XelPlus as an independent teacher and a business consultant for a period of six years. Her tenure there was split evenly between the two roles. Her job entails mostly training others, presenting material, and developing online excel programmes. Her classes are proving to be beneficial to a significant number of pupils.

Since 2016, the successful businesswoman Leila Gharani has been offering her courses for free on the online learning platform Udemy. After COVID, Leila Gharani gained greater notoriety, which resulted in a large number of students enrolling in her class. Over 150000 pupils have benefited from Leila Gharani’s instruction. According to the most recent information from April 2020, there were over 10,000 bookings made.

Leila Gharani has been working for herself for over 15 years, and she has gained an incredible amount of popularity as a result of her decision to transition to online teaching. Today, she enjoys a significant amount of notoriety thanks to the Excel courses that are hosted on her YouTube channel.

Leila Gharani Eduacation

Leila Gharani attended the University of Toronto, where she not only earned a Master of Arts in economics but also completed her education, as we have previously mentioned. However, Leila Gharani decided to pursue a different field of study instead of journalism.

Additionally, she has a degree in Economics from Carleton University, where she studied for her Bachelor of Social Science. After the level of the university. Through her training with Microsoft, Leila Gharani was able to get the title of Certified Specialist Master in MS Office.

Leila Gharani Xelplus

Leila Gharani runs the Excel resource site XelPlus, which aims to assist individuals in gaining the knowledge necessary to build helpful tools and to find solutions to issues. Excel users who desire to improve their skills can benefit greatly from taking one or more of the courses or tutorials offered by Leila Gharani.

Additionally, she encourages individuals to try new things, be creative, and share their accomplishments with others. There are specific tools available for both the viewing and analysis of data.

Leila Gharani Biography suggests In 2017, Leila Gharani was honoured with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award from Microsoft for her work in the Excel Category. Microsoft bestowed this honour onto a knowledgeable individual in the field of technology since she is the one who most generously imparts her wisdom upon the community.

Additionally, Leila Gharani has highlighted her desire to increase her knowledge and become an expert in the technology. In addition, Leila Gharani is well-known for her work as a Microsoft Certified Excel Expert. She also has over 15 years of expertise developing Management Information Systems and teaching customers on their usage.

Her education covers topics on Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and SAP Business Warehouse (BW). Master of Economics, Economist, Consultant, Oracle HFM, Accounting Systems Expert, and Project Manager are just few of the titles that describe Leila Gharani’s background.

Leila Gharani Wikipedia details include In addition, Leila Gharani was selected as the recipient of the Best Faculty Award in 2017. The Austrian Controller’s Institute (OECI) presented her with the Best-Faculty-Award-2017 in honour of the comments received from the individuals who participated in the training sessions.


Leila Gharani is from where?

Leila Gharani grew up in Canada and now resides in Vienna. She is, nonetheless, of Middle Eastern descent.

What Is Leila Gharani’s Nationality?

Leila Gharani was of Canadian origin. She is now Austrian.

How much money does Leila Gharani make?

Leila Gharani’s monthly YouTube earnings are about $20,000. However, Leila Gharani’s annual salary is roughly $240,000. Leila Gharani makes between $100,000 and $35,000 every month from the YouTube classes she offers.

Leila Gharani’s Age: How Old Is She?

Leila Gharani is 44 years old.

Is Leila Gharani a married woman?

Leila Gharani spouse reports state that she married her Leila Gharani lover. In addition, the couple has children. They’ve been married for a decade, according to Leila Gharani Family updates. The loving family also has a 14-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter.

Who is Wikipedia’s Leila Gharani?

Leila Gharani is a well-known video producer from in Vienna, Austria, who is well-known as an Excel YouTuber, Microsoft trainer, and MVP.

What is Leila Gharani’s birthplace?

Leila Gharani was born in Canada.

What religion does Leila Gharani follow?

Leila Gharani’s religion might be Christianity.

What exactly is Leila Gharani’s Instagram?

Instagram is (@lgharani) for Leila Gharani.

What is Leila Gharani’s LinkedIn profile?

Leila Gharani is the Founder of XelPlus on LinkedIn.

What is the latest Leila Gharani Reddit update?

According to Reddit users, Leila Gharani is definitely worth the money (typically about $20.00 each course). People have also said that Leila Gharani on YouTube is the finest source for a broad variety of valuable Excel tips and tricks.

Last Words

The Microsoft trainer, Business Consultant, Excel Instructor, Excel YouTuber, and MVP has recently gained enormous reputation on behalf of the Excel community. This is why Leila Gharani net worth has been expanding. Stay tuned for more information about comparable YouTubers from across the world.

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