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The Hungry Hussey Net Worth – Marriage, age, and income

The Hungry Hussey Net Worth– Food, Lifestyle Today, the American YouTube channel The Hungry Hussey is extremely popular. Hussey, a YouTube user from the United States of America, has uploaded numerous videos. The estimated net worth of The Hungry Hussey in 2023 is close to $900k.

The Hungry Hussey Net Worth - Marriage, age, and income
The Hungry Hussey Net Worth – Marriage, age, and income

The Hungry Hussey Earnings, Salary and Income

YouTube contributes enough revenue to support The Hungry Hussey’s lifestyle. The Hungry Hussey brings in approximately $10,000 each month in revenue. Having said that, the annual earnings for the Hungry Hussey are approximately $120.000. The earnings are determined by a number of factors, some of which are the number of monthly views, the country, the subscribers, and the amount of user engagement.

The Hungry Hussey Wife

In the updates on The Hungry Hussey’s wife, it is said that he has tied the knot with The Hungry Hussey’s girlfriend, Makenzie. Additionally, the pair is parents to a young lady named Maryn.


Matthew Hussey, also known as The Hungry Hussey, is a Complex Quotations Engineer for major electrical equipment in real life. His stage moniker is “The Hungry Hussey.” The YouTuber has commented on how enjoyable the job and the business are both to work for. On the other hand, photography and cooking are two of his true passions in life.

Matthew Hussey, also known as The Hungry Hussey, resides in Thomasville, North Carolina, with his family: wife Makenzie, daughter Maryn. Additionally, they have a puppy named Maggie, whom he likes cooking for, in addition to other members of the family and acquaintances. Because of his extraordinary success, he is now considered to have the highest net worth of any YouTuber.

Cooking is something that Matthew Hussey learned to do with his mother, Malinda, while he was still a very small child. Matthew Hussey was only 8 years old when his mother had to undergo a serious back operation. The senior Hussey drove an over-the-road truck in Matthew’s family. Matthew Hussey’s sibling had a lot of work and eventually abandoned him and his mother. You can see that he is utilising things that need bacon grease, butter, bacon, and fatback by watching his videos on YouTube. Additionally, viewers are huge fans of fried dishes.

The Hungry Hussey real nameMatthew Hussey
The Hungry Hussey Net Worth$900K
BirthplaceThomasville, NC
OccupationFood, Lifestyle American YouTuber
The Hundry Hussey Net Worth – Marriage, age, and income



Where does Hungry Hussey originate?
Matthew Hussey, dubbed The Hungry Hussey, is from Thomasville, North Carolina.

What is Hungry Hussey’s occupation?
Matthew Hussey, sometimes known as The Hungry Hussey, is a Complex Quotations Engineer for major electrical equipment. The YouTuber has remarked that it is a terrific business and employment. However, he really enjoys photography and cooking. He earns a substantial salary via YouTube.

What is Hungry Hussey’s salary?
The Hungry Hussey generates sufficient revenue via YouTube. The Hungry Hussey’s monthly income is around $10,000. Consequently, the Hungry Hussey earns around $120,000 each year. Multiple metrics, including monthly views, country, subscriptions, and user interaction, are used to determine profits.

Last words

The Starving Hussey The YouTuber’s net worth has been growing as he focuses on his job. Moreover, people like the amusing culinary films he creates just for them. Stay tuned for for developments surrounding the YouTuber.

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