Why celebrate Christmas and how to make Christmas tree?

Why celebrate Christmas and how to make Christmas tree? -During the month of December, Christians celebrate a highly significant holiday. Maybe at this point you must have figured who I am referring to. Yes, it is the Christmas celebration, my friends. But do you know why we actually celebrate Christmas?

Why celebrate Christmas and how to make Christmas tree?

If not, you may get all the information you need about this topic in the article we have today. The most significant holiday for Christians is December 25, which is celebrated with great fervour. Christmas is now observed by both Christians and non-Christians alike all throughout the world. Children in particular anticipate this day because they have been given so many gifts.

Family and friends gather at this joyful time to share delight. The purpose of this holiday is to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. The world-saving Messiah who descended from heaven. Christians think that two thousand years before Christ, at Bethlehem, Jesus was born.

The meaning of Christmas and the reasons it is celebrated are open to numerous interpretations. Because of this, I reasoned, why not provide you comprehensive knowledge on Christmas and the reasons it is celebrated. then let’s get going.

What is Christmas ?

Christmas (Christamas) (Christamas) The big event in 2022 is also known as “the feast of Jesus Christ.” Christmas Day is observed every year on December 25. Christians notably rejoice and celebrate it with tremendous passion.

It is the birth anniversary of the famous Jesus Christ, who is regarded by followers of the Christian religion as the son of God. Everyone enjoys this festival because it is culturally significant. Christians place a lot of significance on this day. Long before the event, people make many preparations and adorn their homes with lights, ornaments, and flowers.

When is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25th, as I’ve already explained. Christmas festivities start roughly four weeks before the actual holiday and go until the 12th day following it. Around the world, it is observed as a religious and cultural celebration. Christmas celebration customs differ from area to region. People prepare feasts, offer gifts, and send Christmas greetings.

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why is christmas celebrated

To honour the birth of Jesus Christ, December 25 is observed as Christmas. The New Testament claims that Joseph and Mary gave birth to Jesus at Bethlehem. Although the month and day of his birth are unknown, the Western Christian Church had set the date of Christmas to December 25 by the early fourth century.

Later, this day was widely embraced. The United States made Christmas a federal holiday in 1870.

What is a Christmas tree?

A Christmas tree is an evergreen tree that is decorated for the holiday with lights and ornaments.

Martin Luther preached in favour of the Christmas tree, and thanks to him, the holiday decoration gradually gained notoriety across Germany. The Christmas tree quickly spread throughout the rest of Europe. The English Queen Victoria hung the first Christmas tree in England in 1840.

the story of the christmas tree

Everything was initially utilised as a Christmas tree adornment. For instance, it was first topped with cheese and apples in Switzerland.

The princes adorned their trees with dolls, clothing, and even silver decorations about 1650. Of course, people could not afford to decorate with dolls or silver jewellery, so they started creating their own jewellery. Christmas tree ornaments started to be made and sold with the industrial revolution in the 19th century.

Finally, the Christmas tree was created in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Germany was where the first artificial Christmas trees were created in the 19th century. PVC is the material used in modern artificial Christmas trees. Amazingly, genuine Christmas trees assist in filtering out pollen and dust from the air.

christmas story

Mary, a young virgin who was married to Joseph, a Jewish carpenter, resided in the sleepy Israeli hamlet of Nazareth. In her dream, an angel appeared to Mary and informed her that she had been selected to bear God’s son, whose name would be Jesus.

And thus it came about that Mary miraculously conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit while she was still engaged to Joseph. Joseph first felt deceived when Mary informed him, but an angel later confirmed what Mary had spoken to him in a dream. Therefore, despite the potential for public disgrace, he married Mary.

christmas symbols

Let’s now discuss a few Christmas symbols. Which is crucial information for all Christians to understand.

  1. Angels are the first to share the news of the birth. On the first Christmas eve, he broke the wonderful news.
  2. Bell – The Christmas bell denotes that you will be helped and that everyone is valuable in his sight.
  3. Evergreen tree (Christmas tree) – The evergreen Christmas tree is a symbol of eternal hope and vitality since it stays green all year long. Jesus Christ made it possible for us to enjoy eternal life. It reminds us to recognise God in everything as it refers to paradise.
  4. Presents – Christmas gifts serve as a reminder of the greatest gift of all, which was given to us by Jesus Christ.
  5. Holi – The immortality symbol is the holi plant. The blood they poured for us is symbolised by the scarlet holly berries.
  6. Wreaths – The Christmas wreath represents God’s limitless love, which has no beginning or end. The evergreen wreaths, which are arranged in circles and stand for endless life, are constructed.
  7. St. Nicholas, not Santa Claus, used to deliver presents from home to home. He’s dressed in red, the first colour of the holiday. He provides good will and kindness to everybody as a guardian.
  8. Candles – The Christmas candle serves as a reminder that Jesus is the world’s light. He is the beacon we must follow, and it is through him that we shall navigate the gloom of life.
  9. Candy Cane – The candy cane’s white colour stands for Jesus’ innocence, while the scarlet stripes symbolise the blood he sacrificed for us.
  10. Star – The Christmas star is a representation of the original Bethlehem star that shone on the night that Jesus was born. It also represents the fact that Christ is the world’s light and a glimmer of hope for all humankind.

How is Christmas Day celebrated?

Christmas is one of those holidays that brings people a lot of joy, happiness, and adoration. People commemorate this holiday by attending church, singing carols, and other religious activities. They also give gifts and adorn their homes with holly, mistletoe, lights, flowers, and Christmas trees. behave. Churches all across the world have evening services on Christmas Eve.

Many churches offer special candlelight services around midnight. Santa Claus, who gives gifts to kids, is a beloved figure in the Christmas programme. Numerous cakes and feasts are made. Children used to celebrate this event with great fervour and anticipation for the presents that their parents and friends would offer them.


Where do people go after Jesus Christ is born?
To commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, people attend church at midnight. Christmas is enthusiastically observed, with gifts being shared, songs being sung, new clothes being donned.

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